A Letter to Moms and Dads:

Benefits of Children's Martial Arts

In terms of specific benefits for children, martial arts training will help develop mental, physical, emotional and social skills. Parents tell us, and experiences show, that children in our classes have learned a variety of skills including:
  1. Self-control through personal awareness
  2. Self-esteem and self respect because of goal achievement
  3. Self-discipline through channeling their energy
  4. Personal responsibility through taking responsibility for their actions and the safety of those around them
  5. Teamwork and leadership skills through working with their classmates
  6. Good health habits
  7. Self-defense and personal safety skills
If you watch the television, the world seems to be full of violence, greed, selfishness and corruption. Many of the values that should define a civilized society seem to be getting eroded away at an alarming rate. Parental models and martial arts training make a formidable team in the development of character traits that reflect all that is good about a human being.....honesty, integrity, truth, discipline, courage, loyalty, compassion, sincerity, patience, persistence and self respect to name just a few.
Kids Letter image More than ever, today's younger generation needs role models that they can trust and look up to. It is getting harder for parents to find reinforcement for the values that they would like to see in their children and this is where we at the Downtown Martial Arts Academy can help. We are dedicated to the development of good character in ourselves and in our students. We have a code of character for the Academy and the "Black Belt Attitude", which, if taken to heart, will help guide a young person to a life in which they become an asset to society. We firmly believe that the Black Belt represents something that a person wears every day, not just when they practice. Black Belt means that we want to help other people grow and achieve their goals, just as we are dedicated to self improvement and willing to work hard to achieve our own goals. Black Belt means that we have just begun, not that we have arrived.
At the Downtown Martial Arts Academy your child will train the mind and the body together. When you look at the real reasons why people train in the martial arts, it almost always comes back to wanting to feel better about themselves in some way. Starting your child in the martial arts gives them a head start on feeling better about who they are as they grow up. Learning a martial art is about striving and goal setting, about reaching those goals and yet realizing how much more there is to learn and setting new goals, never tiring of the desire to improve self.
"Learning a martial art is about striving and goal setting, about reaching those goals"
By learning one of our martial arts, your child will learn self discipline, focus and concentration, how to work with other people and how to respect authority. Your child will learn about team work and team spirit, but also learn how to be an independent spirit, capable of charting their own course through a sea of conflicting choices, using what they have learned as a rudder to guide them through the decisions that will inevitably face them. All of these attributes have repercussions in the child's behavior at home and his/her performance at school. To us, martial arts training is about better living, and our children's program is about learning life's values early.
We would value the opportunity to talk with you about what we have to offer you and your child and how we are able to help reinforce the values of your family.
Sincerely Yours,
Doug Bedsaul
Chief Instructor, Downtown Martial Arts Academy